Award-winning Swiss-Venezuelan violinist, Simón Gollo, started his violin studies in Venezuela at the age of 5. After turning 11 years old, he moved to Switzerland to continue his formation, earning degrees from the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève and the Conservatoire Superieur et Academie de Musique Tibor Varga in Sion. His teachers included Gyula Stuller from the Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne, Patrick Genet from the Sine Nomine Quartet, Anne Bauer from the Conservatoire de Musique Neuchâtelois, and the violinist Gabor Takacs. Mr. Gollo has also participated in master classes by members of the Amadeus, Bartók, and Sine Nomine Quartet and violin masters Alexander Kerr, Naoko Tanaka, Tibor Varga, Ana Chumachenko and Igor Bezrodny..


Academic accomplishments highlights:



Soloist Diploma in Violin Performance (Master Degree in Violin Performance)

Conservatoire Supérieur et Académie de Musique Tibor Varga, Sion, Switzerland.

Primary teachers: Gyula Stuller, Gabor Takacs.


Virtuosity Diploma in Violin Performance

Conservatoire de Musique, Genève, Switzerland

Primary teachers: Patrick Genet


Violin Performance and Pedagogy Studies

Conservatoire de Musique, Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Primary teacher: Anne Bauer




Gyula Stuller, Concertmaster from the Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne.

Patrick Genet from the Sine Nomine Quartet

Anne Bauer from the Conservatoire de Musique Neuchâtelois

Gabor Takacs, Violinist

Chamber Music master classes attended by:

Members of the Amadeus Quartet

Members of the Takacs Quartet

Members of the Bartók Quartet

Members of the Sine Nomine Quartet

Members of the Fine Arts Quartet

Selected Violin masters classes attended:

Alexander Kerr

Naoko Tanaka

Tibor Varga

Ana Chumachenco

Igor Bezrodny

Photo by: Gerardo Sanchez / Merida360