2011 Full Scholarship given by the Cisneros Foundation to participate in the 2012 Aspen Music Festival. Colorado, USA.

2009 Lia Bermudez Order of Art given by the Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín. Maracaibo. Venezuela.

2009 City of Maracaibo Order of Merit issued by the City Council. Maracaibo, Venezuela.

2006 Aruba Scholarship Foundation. Orangestad, Aruba.

2004 Scholarship given by the Stiftung Lyra für hochbegabte Junger Musiker.

2003 Scholarship given by the artistic direction at the Superior Conservatory and Music Academy Tibor Varga. Sion, Switzerland.

2002 Venezuelan Army Recognition.

2001 Scholarship given by the Friedl Wald Foundation after winning the Friedl Wald Foundation Competition. Basel, Switzerland.

1997 “San Sebastián Order of Merit” issued by the Mayor of Maracaibo city, Venezuela. 1997

Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra Foundation. Youth Soloists Cycle. 1985

Rafael Urdaneta Youth Symphony Orchestra.


1996 1st prize at the Luzern Musical Youth Competition. Luzern, Switzerland. 1994 2nd prize at the Geneva Musical Youth Competition. Geneva, Switzerland.

1993 3rd prize at the third International Music Competition for academic scholarships. Banca Casa de Risparmio de Tortona Trophy. Tortona, Italia.